Tuesday, 26. August 2014

The Reishi Mushroom: Providing Health and Anti-aging Support for 4,000 years

In German its called the "shining mushroom", the Chinese call it the "mushroom of immortality" (Ling Zhi) and in Japan it is traditionally known as the "Reishi". This imposing fungus, also known by its scientific name, Ganoderma lucidum, grows all around the world and is now cultivated under laboratory conditions. This incredible mushroom has been known in Asia for thousands of years and is now enjoying increasing popularity in Europe.

Here in Europe we can find Reishi in a pure powder form from which capsules can easily be filled. In addition, the fungus is available as a reishi extract,  an extract powder mixture, a tea (it should be mentioned that the fungus is quite bitter!) or mixed with other health-promoting substances like vitamin C. When the Reishi powder is mixed with other supplements, the positive effects of the mushroom seem to increase.

What makes the Reishi mushroom a vital mushroom? - Firstly, the very effective secondary ingredients, including triterpenes, protect against infection by microorganisms  In addition, the mushroom has a hypotensive effect, as the polysaccharides (complex sugars) of the medicinal mushroom appear to stabilize the human immune system, strengthening our defense. In addition, the Reishi contains valuable vitamins, trace elements, minerals and essential amino acids. Some studies indicate that not only the fungus itself, but also its spores contain valuable, healthy ingredients.

Experience shows that people react quite differently to the fungus. While many people feel immediate changes, other people need several days before they slowly see a positive change.

The fungus, regarded in China as the king of herbs for 4,000 years, stands for a long and healthy life. There are many indications of its positive effects, including cases where people have seen improvements in feelings of fatigue and exhaustion, sleep problems, diabetes, respiratory or skin diseases, liver and kidney problems, stomach ulcers, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular disorders, menopausal symptoms, depression and anxiety as well as pain and inflammation of all kinds. Please remember that the effects of the mushroom vary from case to case.