NaturaSlim's products offer support for people looking to lose weight.

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Guaranteed Natural:

  • Our products are all natural, contain no preservatives and are aspartame-free. Our raw materials contain no artificial additives and are GMO-free. If available, we source 100% of our raw materials from Austria.

Optimum bioavailability:

  • Our products stand for highest purity and quality without hidden additives. The raw materials contained in our products are in forms that are easily absorbed by the body. The very good bioavailability is a prerequisite for the optimal effect of our products.

On a natural basis:

  • No preservatives or chemical stabilizers

Proven fruits and plants:

  • Many of our products contain fruits and plants whose beneficial properties have been known for a long time. For example, the prickly pear contained in the F-block is a cactus plant from North America. The Garcinia Cambogia fruit contained in the C-Bock is widespread in India and South Asia. The Guarana plant contained in the F-Burn is a Liana species originating from the Amazon basin.

A sweetener of natural origin:

  • Stevia is used in our shakes. Stevia is a sweetener from natural origin from the Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni plant. Stevia is almost calorie-free and is ideal for anyone who wants to eat low in calories. Stevia does not affect the blood sugar levels and is therefore well suited for health-conscious consumers and diabetics.