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  • Zechsal Deodorant
    • The original from the Netherlands
    • For an odour-free, long-term effect
    • Made without aluminium salts
  • Zechsal Well-Being Bath
    • Magnesium intake through the skin
    • Enough for about 2-4 full baths or 16 foot baths
  • SanaCare Organic Shiitake Extract
    • With vitamin C from acerola
    • Rich in vitamins minerals
    • Lentinula edodes
  • Zechsal Skin Balm
    • Base of magnesium milk
    • Disinfects the skin
    • Inhibits sebum formation
  • SanaCare Organic Agaricus Extract
    • Contains beta-D-glucan
    • High vitamin and mineral content
    • With vitamin C from acerola
  • Zechsal Gift Bag
    • Enough for 1 foot bath
    • Give as a gift or try it out yourself!
    • Packaged in gift box

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