Scitec Nutrition  Jumbo Professional Banana

Hardcore protein shake

  • Contains 6 different types of carbohydrates
  • With 6 types of creatine and Vitargo
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Content: 1.620 g

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Item no.: BC-003040, Content: 1.620 g

EAN: 5999100000155

  • Contains 6 different types of carbohydrates
  • With 6 types of creatine and Vitargo


High calorie professional gainer with the Jumbo Size Matrix. Ideal for hardcore athletes and professional athletes.

  • Aspartame-free!

Recommended use:

  • Dissolve 1 serving (162g) Jumbo Professional in 400 ml of water. Drinkly directly after working out.
Manufacturer: Scitec Nutrition
Product Features: Aspartame-free
Pharmaceutical form: Powder

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information per serving (162 g) [1] per 100 g
Calories2462 / 588 kj / kcal1516 / 362 kj / kcal
Fat6,2 g3,8 g
  from Saturated fatty acids1,6 g1 g
Carbohydrates78 g48 g
  from Sugar45 g28 g
Protein55 g34 g
Fiber0,5 g0,3 g
Salt0,38 g0,23 g
  1. with water


Ingredients per serving (162 g) [1]
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)81 mg
Magnesium59,8 mg
Potassium360 mg
6-Carb Matrix85 g
Jumbo Extra Ingredients12.244 mg
MultiCreatine mixture (MicronTex micronized creatine monohydrate, creatine citrate, creatine phosphate)6.600 mg
  from creatine5.763 mg
Jumbo Amino Select Matrix3.450 mg
  from Taurine2.000 mg
  from L-glutamine800 mg
  from L-alanine300 mg
  from Beta alanine200 mg
  from L-phenylalanine50 mg
  from L-lysine HCl50 mg
  from L-lysine20,57 mg
  from L-carnitine L-tartrate50 mg
  from L-carnitine34 mg
BCAAs1.000 mg
  from L-leucine500 mg
  from L-isoleucine250 mg
  from L-valine250 mg
Hemo-No Matrix860 mg
L-arginine base800 mg
L-ornithine HCl40 mg
  from L-ornithine16 mg
Micronutrient complex329 mg
  from Magnesium carbonate238 mg
  from Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)81 mg
  from Alpha-lipoic acid10 mg
Bioperine5 mg
  from Piperine2,46 mg
  1. with water


  1. Flavoring
  2. thickener
  3. Sweeteners

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