Detox Products by Sensilab for a Healthy Metabolism

Are you tired, tense or feeling dull? It's time for a break. Renew your energy with Sensilab's detox products. Detox means to detoxify, to cleanse your body of pollutants, and to get rid of stress-related hormone poisoning in the body. Detox boosts your metabolism, strengthens the immune system, and helps you feel more energetic. 

Detox & Colon: 5 products


  • Sensilab Hepafar Forte
    • With artichokes and vitamin E.
    • With black pepper
    • 30 capsules
  • Sensilab Butifar

    Sensilab Butifar

    30 capsules
    • With sodium salt of butyric acid (sodium butyrate)
    • Long-lasting release
  • Sensilab EstroLux

    Sensilab EstroLux

    60 capsules
    • Made with 6 plant extracts
    • Optimised with vitamin B6
    • 100% natural:
  • Sensilab Hepafar Fibres
    • Refreshing lemon drink with fibre
    • With chicory root and rosemary extract
    • 15 bags of 10 g of powder
    • With artichokes & vitamin E
    • Contains black pepper
    • For daily use

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