Reishi - The "Supernatural Mushroom"

The "supernatural mushroom", as it is known to the Chinese, has been highly valued in Chinese medicine for centuries. In powder form or extract, it contains many bioactive ingredients that have scientifically shown positive effects on the health of humans.

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Component of the Chinese Tradition

Initially many of us think of acupuncture when confronted with the term traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). However, plants and the use of vital mushrooms are still being used today. The Reishi (Latin:Ganoderma lucidum, Japanese:Reishi, Chinese: Ling Zhi) plays a central role. Long before Europeans knew about the many vitamins, minerals and other bioactive substances it contained, the Chinese used the Reishi to strengthen the body's defenses, as well as using it as a natural anti-aging agent.

Polysaccharide and antioxidants are at the hub of today's scientific interest and happen to be found in high concentrations within this mushroom. Its effect is the reason that the Reishi is known as a symbol of luck, and is even used as a talisman. The Reishi that is used for our high quality powder and extracts, stems from strictly controlled cultivation and is processed with care.