NaturesPlus AgeLoss Heart Support

With the power of olives and turmeric

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The formula of the AgeLoss Heart Support consists of various plant extracts and vital substances. These include 650 mg of plant sterols, trace elements and extracts from olives and turmeric.

Recommended use:

  • Take 4 tablets with plenty of fluid once a day.

Note: Consult a doctor before using if you are pregnant or nursing.

Manufacturer: NaturesPlus
Pharmaceutical form: Tablet
Allergens: Gluten-free
Product Features: Vegetarian
Other Nutrients: Herbal
Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Keep away from children.
The recommended daily dosage should not be exceeded.
Additional Information
Ingredients per 4 tablets
Vitamin E (from Organic Gold Standard annatto) 50 IU
Vitamin B6 (from Organic Gold Standard guava, basil, lemon) 5 mg
Folic acid (from Organic Gold Standard guava, basil, lemon) 400 mcg
Vitamin B12 (from Organic Gold Standard Whole grain rice) 15 mcg
Magnesium (from Organic Gold Standard Algas Calcareas) 50 mg
Potassium (from Organic Gold Standard rice protein) 25 mg
Selenium (from Organic Gold Standard rice protein) 50 mcg
PotenSterol ™ Heart Nutrient Blend (from Pinus maritima) 780 mg
FIRST DAY ™ (Healthy Inflammation Response Blend) 200 mg
REJUVABOLIC ™ (Full Spectrum Antioxidant Blend, 3000 ORAC) 75 mg

Ingredients: PotenSterol ™ Heart Nutrient Blend [650mg plant sterols (and stanols), taurine, cayenne, (Chinese) garlic], FIRST DAY ™ (Healthy Inflammation Response Blend) [Green Tea, Acai, turmeric, Rhodiola rosea, grape], Thione complex ™ [glutathione, selenium (as selenomethionine), N-acetyl-cysteine, grape seed extract], Flamxyl ™ (Live enzyme matrix) [Bromyl-7 (glycosylated bromelain enzyme complex), Serrapeptase, coenzyme Q10, trace elements], REJUVABOLIC ™ ( Full Spectrum antioxidant Blend) [grape seed extract, wild blueberry, quercetin, trans-resveratrol, wild blueberry, cranberry, cherry, plum, raspberry seed, strawberry], microcrystalline cellulose, dicalcium phosphate, silica, magnesium stearate, stearic acid, annatto * guava *, basil *, lemon *, brown rice *, rice protein *, pharmaceutical glaze

* Organic farming US

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