High-Quality Sports Drinks by VITACAN

The VITACAN brand was founded in 1996. The Austrian company stands for high-quality functional beverages. The company pays values natural products, uses only high-quality raw materials and works exclusively with Austrian suppliers. VITACAN produces products to help athletes nourish their bodies during peak performance phases without any negative side effects.

VITACAN Handels GmbH: 5 products


    • Made in Austria
    • Made without preservatives
    • Lemon flavour
  • VITACAN LIFE Zero Tabs

    VITACAN LIFE Zero Tabs

    20 effervescent tablets
    • Lemon flavour
    • Reduced calories
    • Made without preservatives
  • VITACAN SPORT Creatine Monohydrate
    • Made in Austria
    • Pure creatine monohydrate
    • For use after workouts
  • VITACAN LIFE Instant

    VITACAN LIFE Instant

    150 g, 660 g
    • Fruity orange flavour
    • Made in Austria
    • Practical for on the go use
    • Less sugar than other drinks
    • A good alternative to soft drinks

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