Bioearth T Proteggo Mouthspray for Adults

Can be used several times a day

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Contains propolis & aloe vera
  • Refreshing & cleansing

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This mouthspray is rich in valuable, soothing ingredients such as propolis, aloe vera and essential oils.

Recommended use: Spray two to three times directly into the mouth. Can be used up to five times daily.
Shake well before use. Keep away from heat sources.

  • Free from alcohol (ethanol), saccharin & aspartame
  • Free from synthetic antibacterial agents
  • With bergamot, thyme, lemon & sweet orange essential oils
  • With aloe vera & propolis
Manufacturer: Bioearth
Pharmaceutical form: Liquid, Spray


Ingredients (INCI): aqua (acqua), sorbitol (sorbitolo), glycerin (glicerina vegetale), menthol (mentolo), citrus bergamia (bergamotto o.e.), citrus dulcis (arancio dolce o.e.), citrus limonum (limone o.e.), triticum vulgare (olio di germe di grano), thymus vulgaris (timo o.e.), sodium lauroyl glutamate (sodio laurilglutammato), propolis cera (propoli), aloe vera (aloe vera), benzyl alcohol (alcol benzilico), potassium sorbate (sorbato di potassio), limonene, linalool, citral.

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