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The unique holistic philosophy of Dr. Ewald Töth concentrates on physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Let this brand accompany you on your own journey to connect with your body.

Dr. Ewald Töth®'s base products are made based on both research experience and traditional and classic European medicine.

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Dr. Ewald Töth - Focused on Well-being

Dr. Ewald Töth sees it as his life's mission to guide and accompany people on their path to physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Early in life, he learned to stand up for his values, even under adverse circumstances. From a young age, Dr. Töth wanted to help people, which is how he eventually found his way to medicine.

Dr. Töth trained as a massage therapist before studying medicine. This field of study introduced him to the intricacies of the human body, as well as the effects of diseases and blockages. Later, he expanded his expertise to include acupuncture and acupressure, as well as psychology.

To better recognise the connections between soul, psyche, and spirituality, Dr. Töth trained with Dr. Schmiedecker, a direct disciple of Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr, the founder of the famous F. X. Mayr cure. In addition, he supplemented his skills by learning foot reflex zone therapy.

During his residency in anaesthesiology and intensive care medicine, Dr. Töth he successfully performed analgesia (the elimination of pain) using acupuncture during surgeries. Initially ridiculed by colleagues, his impressive successes soon brought him professional recognition. Dr. Töth eventually became a consultant for acupuncture therapy.

During this time he was also able to gain experience in the field of psychotherapy and hypnosis so that he was soon able to use hypnosis instead of anaesthesia for medical procedures. Later, he decided to become a general practitioner and open his own practice. In this practice, he was able to work in the whole field of medicine, offering patients a holistic approach to wellness.

Today, Ewald Töth, MD, is a holistic medical practitioner who practices classical conventional medicine as well as naturopathy.

The four pillars of well-being

Dr- Töths holistic approach is made up of four pillars:

  • Naturopathy: For Dr Töth, MD, it is essential to give people access to self-healing practices and to integrate nature into therapy. This is also the basis of his holistic medical practice, research and teaching.
  • Creating awareness: A healthy social existence requires mindfulness and awareness. Becoming aware of and perceiving and recognising connections in the environment are essential for this.
  • Emotional management: Dr. Töth advocates that suppressed emotions are held in the organs and ultimately triggers undesirable biochemical processes, which in turn lead to organic problems and diseases. With his concept of emotional management, he conveys effective instruments for successful energy management.
  • Quantum medical research: This new medical science combines physics with medicine so that complex and interwoven processes and functions in the human body can be better understood and subsequently holistically treated.