fangocur Fleur de Sel

Precious, refined sea salt

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fangocur Sea Salt, A Unique Product from Mother Nature

Nature created a salt garden in the St. Helena Bay 180km north of Cape Town; this is the source of the salts from fangocur. It is formed from a gigantic 400 year old underground salt lake which is continuously filled by the Atlantic Ocean. The sea water is filtered as the water must pass through 2 km of quartz sand, limestone and clay; any heavy metals are thus naturally removed on the way to the salt garden.

The Fleur de Sel from fangocur has a uniquely mild, balanced and well-rounded taste that is beyond compare. It’s a shame to use it for cooking; instead, use it as the crowning spice for pasta, fish and vegetable dishes as well as uncooked dishes like salads.

Gourmets call this rare and exquisite salt the “king of salts”. When morning mist, light wind and the power of the African sun work together, an extremely fine layer of salt crystals forms atop small salt water basins – it’s a bit like a fragile layer of ice.

Manufacturer: fangocur
Pharmaceutical form: Salt
Categories: Food


Ingredients: 100% sea salt - natural, unrefined, unbleached and unground

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