Royal Jelly - A Royal Gift From Nature

Royal jelly is a very special substance. It is produced and used by bees exclusively for the feeding of future queens. As a result, the queen larva grow MUCH larger than the worker bee larvae in a very short time. This effect has led to beliefs that the jelly could have special properties or positive health effects for humans.

Using royal jelly as a nutritional supplement could:

  • improve the mental and physical performance of healthy people
  • have a positive effect on stress,
  • have a rejuvenating effect,
  • lighten your mood,
  • stimulate the appetite,
  • accelerate the healing of flesh wounds
  • be beneficial for symptoms of menopause

Beekeepers note that royal jelly is a highly active concentrate. After all, the queen bee is nourished with it throughout her entire life. The result: she can live to up to six years old in comparison to the six week life span of a worker bee. Additionally, the queen lays over 2,000 eggs a day (which, when added together weigh more than she does!).

Why does royal jelly work? -The Max Planck Institute and many other international researchers investigated. They found that there are many amino acids in the product, as well as carbohydrates and a small amount of specialty fats. In addition, royal jelly contains a large number of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. This combination positively effects the renewal processes in humans - especially in the skin. The best part is, unless you're allergic to bees or have asthma, royal jelly has no side effects!