Spring is In - Fat is Out!

Five extra pounds are not the end of the world - or are they? In the spring when thick winter clothes start to disappear back into your closet and airy, lighter clothing starts to return to your shelves, every bit of extra pudge comes as a bit of shock. Now you can see it again! We put together a few tips on how you can ease relatively fast and simply into a more healthy weight ...

Firstly: develop game plan in regards to food! For faster results and to keep weight off permanently, you need to examine different aspects of your life more closely and change a few things. This starts of course with food intake: you must be aware of what you eat. No snacking in between meals, no fast food, no hidden fats in meat, cheese or cake, no sweet drinks, no alcohol ... and no eating unless you are really hungry! Experts advise writing everything you eat down, even down to the last piece of chocolate!

It also makes sense to take longer breaks between meals. If you spread your meals throughout the day, your appetite increases, and you can never fully digest your food, which means you're never truly hungry. It's better to have a four to five hour break between breakfast, lunch and dinner - just make sure have enough to eat at your meals. For example, eat something healthy and filling, like vegetable soup. Diet shakes or weight loss supplements can also be helpful.

Secondly: exercise belongs on your battle plan! Sport before breakfast is regarded as a true fat burner! When you exercise, your entire metabolism speeds up, your body will feel better and it's hard not to be in a good mood. During a study conducted in England, researchers noted an improved lipid metabolism during physical activity on an empty stomach. If you do choose to exercise before eating, make sure you don't over do it!

Exercise and sport are the only remedies that can help to keep the weight off after dieting. Losing weight means always burning more calories than you consume. You should know, however, that a kilo of fat is three times as voluminous as a kilo of muscles. It may well be that you can not see anything on the scale - and yet your clothes fit again.

Thirdly, drink plenty of water and herbal tea and do not forget the dietary supplements! Firstly, water saves you a lot of calories that come from sweet juices. Secondly, increasing your fluid intake supports the elimination of hazardous substances that are released by the dissolution of body fat. Thirdly, drinking water makes you feel more satisfied and full. Be aware though: drinking too much water is not good, because many minerals and trace elements are usually lost with too much fluid intake. The best thing to do is to take an athlete as your role model and make sure you take supplements like magnesium after hard workouts to recover. Make sure you enjoy weight loss because you've done it healthily, not because you are vitamin deficient!